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  • Formulated to nourish and support joints
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Extend™ Joint Care for Dogs is the most complete, effective and proven formulation of advanced joint support available anywhere.

Extend™ Joint Care Changes Lives

Extend™ Joint Care is the most effective joint care formula available for dogs and is exclusively formulated to help nourish, and strengthen joints, cartilage and bones of aging dogs.

Extend™ Joint Care provides natural building blocks for growth, support and maintenance of cartilage, thanks to an extra-absorbable form of Glucosamine. It begins working immediately to lubricate joints, help cartilage retain water and support joint maintenance.

By themselves, these ingredients do a good job, however, when carefully incorporated into an ideal ratio, they combine to become a powerful force in maintaining your dog's joints and limbs.

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Supports Joint Health

Our formula uses precision-compounding and advanced absorption to nourish, and soothe joints, cartilage and bones of aging dogs better than any other product.

The Clinically-Proven Joint Supplement

It is designed to be safe and effective on your dog, regardless of size, age, or breed. It will work on your 12 year old Great Dane or your 9 month old Teacup Schnauzer.

Made with Pure, High-Grade Ingredients

Our formula contain only the highest quality Glucosamine, MSM, Type II Chicken Collagen and Ascorbic Acid.

Approved by Licensed Vets

Every little step in creating this revolutionary formula, no matter how small, occurred under the trained eye of caring, licensed vets.

How A Little Powder Changed My Dog's Life.

Wendy tells her story about her dog, Bo...

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"We thought Bo was on her last leg..."


More Amazing Stories From Our Customers*

This has really helped my 5yr old dog...After only two weeks of giving her this powder on her dog food she is acting like a 5yr old dog, running and playing, great stuff.
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Debbie J.

I use this product and it works! We have a 16 year old Dutch Shepherd...After a few weeks, she sometimes prances like a puppy and is so much better. Worth the ££ and she loves it. I use the powder.
Dog profile 2

Marion T.

I just started my 12 yr old Lab...Hoping it works. (Jan. 6)

Update: She is doing amazing. Love seeing her jump on the bed. I would definitely recommend Extend. This is her fifth week on it. (Jan. 19)

Doing well on Extend. (Jan. 25)
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Kristen H.

She is on her 3rd month and we are thinking of cutting back to every other day because she is so active now, climbing stairs.
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Patty F.

I give my 15 year old collie German shepherd both Extend Joint Care for Dogs and Free Form Snip Tips once a day and it's done wonders for his mobility and energy.

Bacchus has been taking Extend Joint Care for 6 months. I noticed a positive change in him almost immediately, literally within days...
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Kirsten M

Started my yellow lab, Spirit, on Extend a little more than a month ago. He turns 9 years old in 2 weeks. I cannot tell you what a difference I see in him.

If you are sitting there reading this and wondering if it really works....IT DOES.
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Pat G.

Pure-Grade Ingredients:

  • Glucosamine
    Our newly-discovered form of Glucosamine is absorbed faster to better support hydration, mobility and comfort.
  • MSM
    Methylsulfonylmethane is an organic compound that works to nourish and elasticize connective tissue for added mobility and resiliance.
  • Type II Chicken Collagen
    Collagen is the essential building block for maintaining healthy articular cartilage. As they age, dogs' bodies produce less and less of this vital substance.
  • Ascorbic Acid
    Increases the production of collagen and glycosaminoglycans like chondroitin sulfates and hyaluronic acid, and works as a turbo-charged delivery system of nutrients to joints.
  • Plus a natural, meaty taste that your dog will love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Extend™ Joint Care?

Extend™ Joint Care for Dogs combines four active ingredients in a single non-prescription dietary supplement designed to nourish and maintain joint health in your dog. Our unique blend consists of Glucosamine HCL, MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), Type II Chicken Collagen and Ascorbic Acid. Each ingredient plays a vital role in supporting hip and joint health in your Dog. At Extend Pet Health, we have formulated this product to be one of the safest and most effective joint care supplements for your dog, supporting healthy joints.

How does it work?

Extend™ Joint Care is the simple way to help ensure that your dog's joints stay healthy through the course of their whole lives. Four active ingredients work synergistically to support joint health, support joint strength and viscosity and help support joint cartilage health.

Is Extend™ Joint Care safe?

Extend™ Joint Care is not known to have any side effects or contraindications. Glucosamine has previously been associated with gastrointestinal upset and increased urination in some dogs. In this event, glucosamine should no longer be administered. Extend™ Joint Care is not intended for use in other animals. Feel free to ask your Vet! We have not yet heard of a vet who has did not recommend it after seeing the ingredients.

My vet doesn’t know what Extend™ Joint Care is. What can I do?

We're not surprised, as our company is small, though growing fast. If your vet is not familiar with Extend™ Joint Care, please have them email questions to

When can I expect to see results from my dog taking Extend™ Joint Care?

Extend™ Joint Care goes to work at the cellular level right away, though it may take a short period of time for the effects to manifest themselves. While many happy customers have seen dramatic results in a few short days, know that every dog is different. We recommend waiting two weeks before expecting any visible results.

Is there any kind of guarantee for Extend™ Joint Care?

Yes. We offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee for our Extend™ Joint Care if you are not completely satisfied. Just return the unused portion and we’ll refund the full cost of the product. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Please include your receipt or packing slip if available. We’re happy to help if you have questions or need assistance in any way. Just let us know.