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This has really helped my 5yr old dog...After only two weeks of giving her this powder on her dog food she is acting like a 5yr old dog, running and playing, great stuff!
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Debbie J.

I use this product and it works! We hav a 16 year old Dutch Shepherd...After a few weeks, no more incontinence, she sometimes prances like a puppy, and is so much better. Worth the ££ and she loves it. I use the powder.
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Marion T.

I just started my 12 yr old Lab...Hoping it works. (Jan. 6)

Update: She is doing amazing. Love seeing her jump on the bed again. I would definitely recommend Extend. This is her fifth week on it. (Jan. 19)

Doing well on Extend! (Jan. 25)
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Kristen H.

She is on her 3rd month and we are thinking of cutting back to every other day because she is so active now, climbing stairs without a problem.
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Patty F.

I give my 15 year old Collie German Shepherd both Extend Joint Care for Dogs and Free Form Snip Tips once a day and it's done wonders for him!

Bacchus has been taking Extend Joint Care for 6 months. I noticed a positive change in him almost immediately, literally within days...
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Kirsten M

Started my yellow lab, Spirit, on Extend a little more than a month ago. He turns 9 years old in 2 weeks. I cannot tell you what a difference I see in him. He is moving up and down our staircase with ease, jogging on walks, but most importanly, he is back to jumping from the floor to the bed with me each night. I'm a believer is this stuff.

If you are sitting there reading this, and wondering if it really works....IT DOES.
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Pat G.

I would highly suggest this to any dog you own and are seeing problems with for we did with our rescue girl and what a difference. We give her a sachet each morning with a bit of water. Shadow Joy now eats her food right up where she was not really eating on a regular basis. We were fearful something was wrong with her. After giving her this for about 5 or 7 days we saw her be herself once again. Running in the back yard, playing with our other dogs was so good to see her so happy. She can again jump up on our son's bed to sleep with him with no problems. I will continue to keep this on hand for we have 3 rescues who are our own and will be aging here soon.
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Joni G.

I swear by Extend. I live here in port Charlotte. I give it to my rescue dog, Ollie. When he came to live with me, he couldn't jump on the couch, growled when ever I touched him. After a month he was jumping on the beds and playing.
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Diana S.

This product is great! My fur baby is 10 years old...Literally within a week, I noticed a definite change in her. Within a month she was sprinting up the driveway, jumping up in her favorite chair and crawling back under my bed again. I love this product . I too started with the promotion, but after that first week I ordered a month's supply and went on auto ship. She will be on this as long as she lives. She takes it in the powder form. Hope it works as well for all who try it!
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Debbie N.

I use the powder for my ten year old Pitt, the change in him is absolutely wonderful. He could barely fetch the ball 3 gave us [other stuff] and we stopped running him which is his most favorite thing in the world to do. But after 2 weeks there was a huge improvement. It's been 6 months now and my 8 month old rescue Pitt can barely keep up with him thank you so much!!!!!!! He plays fetch a few times a day now.
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Anna M. B.

My 11 YO Newfie has been a NEW DOG since being on extend. The package comes faithfully every 30 days. If it didn't help him, I wouldn't share this! I love dogs and dog people! Truly
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Annie G.

I have a 15 y/o Pomeranian...even the vet didn't give her much hope.. I saw ad for Extend and decided to try the free one month offer. By the end of that month she was so much better, up walking much easier. Six months later she still has problems at times but but nothing like before. Thank you for giving me more time with my furbaby.
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Beth C.

This stuff really work's. I used this for our 17 year old German Sheppard lab in her final months. She was able to get around [well]. Without it she would cry anytime she would have to get up or move around. I can't say enough about this product, it does what it says it will. When was the last time you saw that with anything?
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Jeanette D.

I can't thank you guy's enough the powder Extend is great it works my dog is like so happy again she can get up on her own she can walk with me again. I want to thank you people for giving me back my old friend if anyone cares yes it works and I will stand behind this product. (sic)
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Joseph J. M.

I have an 11 year old boxer that is 35 kilos. She has been on three [other products]. I thought a month ago I was gonna have to let her cross that rainbow bridge. Extend was my last thing I knew to try. Thank God that I did try it! I have been able to cut her [other stuff] in half and she's walking around on her own again!
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Galin M.